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Dr. Johnson-Beach: Principal

Dr. Johnson-Beach


586-791-2170 x370 johnsond@stthecla.com
Mrs. Maloney: Tuition Coordinator, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Maloney

Tuition Coordinator, Administrative Assistant

586-791-2170 x372 maloneyd@stthecla.com
Mrs. Barger: Secretary

Mrs. Barger


586-791-2170 x371 Bargerh@stthecla.com
Mrs. Duncan: 4-year-old Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Duncan

4-year-old Preschool Teacher

586-791-2170 x114 duncann@stthecla.com Read Bio >


Ms. Ennis: 4-Year-Old Preschool Teacher

Ms. Ennis

4-Year-Old Preschool Teacher

586-791-2170 x102 ennist@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Ms. Kozlowski: Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Kozlowski

Kindergarten Teacher

586-791-2170 x112 kozlowskik@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Mrs. Jankowski: Kindergarten Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jankowski

Kindergarten Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x Jankowskie@stthecla.com
Mrs. Burtwell: First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Burtwell

First Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x109 burtwellr@stthecla.com
Mr. Kalpin: Second Grade Teacher

Mr. Kalpin

Second Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x110 kalpind@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Mrs. Asman: Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Asman

Third Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x108 asmans@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Mrs. Callis: Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Callis

Fourth Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x106 callise@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Ms. Karwoski: Fifth Grade Teacher

Ms. Karwoski

Fifth Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x104 karwoskim@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Ms. Lia: Sixth Grade Teacher

Ms. Lia

Sixth Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x119 lias@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Mrs. Alongi: Seventh Grade Teacher

Mrs. Alongi

Seventh Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x123 alongit@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Mrs. Hunter: Seventh Grade Teacher

Mrs. Hunter

Seventh Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x118 hunters@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Ms. Kramer: Seventh Grade Teacher

Ms. Kramer

Seventh Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x124 kramera@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Miss Pryor: Eighth Grade Teacher

Miss Pryor

Eighth Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x100 pryorc@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Mrs. Marchetti: Academic Advancement and Religion Teacher

Mrs. Marchetti

Academic Advancement and Religion Teacher

586-791-2170 x115 marchettip@stthecla.com Read Bio >
Mrs. Najdovski: RTI & Study Skills Teacher

Mrs. Najdovski

RTI & Study Skills Teacher

586-791-2170 x107 najdovskic@stthecla.com
Mr. Zabawski: Gym Teacher

Mr. Zabawski

Gym Teacher

586-791-2170 x378 zabawskij@stthecla.com
Mrs. Mullen: Media Center / Study Skills / Technology

Mrs. Mullen

Media Center / Study Skills / Technology

586-791-2170 x111 mullenj@stthecla.com Read Bio >