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Mrs. Asman

Mrs. Asman

Third Grade Teacher

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Welcome to Mrs. Asman’s Class!  Third Grade Rocks!

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Mrs. Asman’s Plan Book

Well, we are here. 8 more school days until 4th grade. 4 more days of graded assignments for the report card. We finished a few textbooks last week, so we do have 4 tests this week. We will also be reading Dexter the Tough. It is a great story and helps the students understand and feel empathy for a young man who makes some bad choices, but it is because he is going through a sad time at home. Of course it has a happy ending. It is a great novel to end the year with, and we will have some higher level discussions about the book that will help get them ready for 4th grade. In 3rd grade our reading concepts are usually very clear, however in 4th, the students need to infer more using their background knowledge and not just what they read in the story.

Thank you for trusting me with your children. I truly enjoyed them so much. They are a great group of students and I will miss them. They are creative and use their imagination. They are leaving 3rd grade as better readers and will be fantastic 4th graders. Please, over the summer have your children read most days. Also, keep working on memorizing their multiplication facts. This skill will help with the many math concepts they will learn next year.

We do have an English Test on Monday – the review should be in their backpack – please study adverbs and conjunctions.

Tests this week

Monday: English Test

Tuesday: Social Studies Test

Wednesday: Religion Test

Thursday: Math Test

Please email me if you have any questions, 
Mrs. Asman

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