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St. Thecla Catholic School wants to prepare your child for their future in this ever-changing world. We want to build great readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, thinkers, and Disciples of Christ that help and support each other. We want children to be able to use the tools of technology through blended learning. We are constantly developing as teachers to keep up with best practices and attend many hours of professional development to teach to meet student’s differentiated needs.

Our students excel in our standardized tests. They are well-prepared for public and private high schools. Our students are easily accepted into the international baccalaureate programs and special academies.

When our students go into Catholic High Schools they enter their honor’s programs, graduate, and pursue their college careers.

We have alumni that are doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, engineers, business owners, and other successful careers.

Most importantly they often come back to see us and thank us for the years as a St. Thecla Hawk!

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