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Our Clergy

Deacon Tom Houle: Deacon

Deacon Tom Houle


586-791-3930 x317 deacontom@stthecla.com
Deacon Tim Maxwell: Dean of Students & Athletic Director

Deacon Tim Maxwell

Dean of Students & Athletic Director

586-791-3930 ext 368 or Direct # 586-349-5076 maxwellt@stthecla.com

Our Staff

Matt Hunt: Director of Religious Education

Matt Hunt

Director of Religious Education

586-791-3930 x 328 huntm@stthecla.com
Yolanda Adams: Bookkeeper

Yolanda Adams


586-791-3930 x 313 adamsy@stthecla.com
Susan Gore: Parish Secretary, Lantern Editor

Susan Gore

Parish Secretary, Lantern Editor

(586) 791-3930 receptionist@stthecla.com
Grace Palimino: Director of Music

Grace Palimino

Director of Music

586-791-3930 x314