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Mass at 8:30am

Parish Office Closed for the Holiday

If you experience regret, guilt, or grief after abortion, be assured that God’s healing love and mercy are always available to the repentant heart.

For confidential, non-judgmental help, call 888.722.4335,

text 313-237.5929, or visit

The teaching of the Catholic Church holds that the Sacrament of the Sick helps unite those who are suffering with Jesus’ saving power, love and forgiveness of sins. Suffering is a part of life, but we are reminded that Jesus unites our suffering with His passion and death. We know that those who suffer and die with Christ will also rise with Him to new and eternal life. 

To schedule an Anointing of the Sick, please call the Parish Office as soon as possible. Please do not wait until the situation is critical, as a priest may not be available to come immediately. It is best to plan ahead and receive this sacrament in a well planned manner. Call 586-791-3930 to arrange a scheduled time.