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Mom 2 Mom

Hi families!

Great News the Mom2Mom sale is back this fall at St. Thecla!!

The sale will be held Saturday, September 11, 2021.

Below you will find the contract as well as the big ticket contract.   Just print them out and send them back to us!

If you have any questions, please email: sttheclamom2mom@gmail.com

Mom2Mom Contract

Big Ticket Contract and Form

Scrip Corner

Are you looking for the opportunity to save money on your tuition?

SCRIP allows you to purchase gift cards directly from us instead of having to run to the store and the best part is that the vendor gives you a percentage back directly to your tuition.  Percentages vary from store to store, but the list is endless!

Join the SCRIP program now by creating an account on ShopwithScrip.com and enter our enrollment code: 1695455E1598

Link your bank account to enroll in online payments and place your first order, its that easy!

If you are not comfortable ordering on line, you can also send in the attached form with payment and we will process your order on line for you.  The attached form contains only a small portion of all the gift cards offered by this program.

If you have any questions, please email scrip coordinator:

Julie Grosu at scrip@stthecla.com

Scrip Form

Spirit Wear

H & S spirit wear not only sells school approved gym uniforms, sweatshirts and accessories for the school day,  we carry a line of awesome spirit wear for your entire family to wear outside of school!

*Not all items sold by spirit wear store are allowed to be worn during the school day.  *Hoodies are not allowed to be worn during the school day.

You can send in the attached form with payment and we will send your spirit wear home with your child!  It’s as easy as that!

St Thecla Spirit Wear Form – 2020

We the Community of St. Thecla Catholic School dedicate ourselves to serving God, through our growth in faith, education, and love for one another as members of God’s Family

St. Thecla’s Home & School Association (“Home & School”) is comprised of the parents/guardians of St. Thecla School students, members of the School’s faculty and dues-paying members of the Parish community. Home & School’s mission is to promote a sense of community through our family-oriented events and to raise funds that provide financial support to enhance our school environment.

Home & School members elect officers to serve in the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Events Coordinator to represent the Association in fulfilling its mission. Home & School meetings are held monthly and open to all families that choose to participate.

St. Thecla Home & School Operating Policies & Bylaws (PDF copy at the bottom of the page)

The name of this organization shall be St. Thecla Home and School Association of Clinton Township in the Archdiocese of Detroit, within the state of Michigan.

This organization shall operate under the administration of St. Thecla Catholic School and the Pastor of St. Thecla Catholic Church


The objectives of this Association are:

  1. To help create parent support that follows and supports the mission of our school
  2. To provide support, both manpower and financial assistance, in order to benefit the school in the development of its classroom and technology environment.
  3. To promote involvement of the Associations members in the School and it’s functions.
  4. To inform its members of the School’s functions and achievements.


Membership shall consist of parents/guardians of St. Thecla Catholic students, members of the school’s faculty, and any member of the parish community in good standing who has paid yearly dues.

  1. Annual dues to be paid per family of amount decided by board and approved by Principal not to exceed $20.00
  2. Faculty members are exempt from paying dues
  3. It is necessary to be current due paying member or faculty member in order to vote on any Association issues.
  4. The Association may not prohibit membership of any family whose child is currently enrolled in the school.
  5. Actions of all members of Home & School Association must fall under the mission of our school.


Elected officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Coordinator.

All Home & School Officers are collectively responsible for:

  • Help all families and student live out the mission of our school.
  • Must engage school families to help achieve the school vision
  • Acting as a liaison between all Home & School members (parents/guardians, faculty, parish members)
  • Developing, implementing, and ensuring the success of Home & School events and fundraisers
  • Determining financial goals and developing an expenditure plan for improvements (based on suggestions from Home and School members)
  • Ensuring the successful implementation of Home & School funded improvements
  • Attending Home & School monthly meetings
  • Acting as goodwill ambassadors for St. Thecla School helping to promote our school’s mission

Additionally, individual responsibilities for officer positions include:

  1. President
  • Development agenda and overseeing monthly Association Officer Meeting
  • Liaison between Association and Principal and Pastor
  • Representative to School Advisory Committee
  • Working to publish and communicate H & S information to proper channels
  • Working with Association event coordinator to plan annual events and reserve areas for the year.
  • Approve requisitions for the payment of bills of the Treasurer
  1. Vice President
  • Overseeing meetings and perform the duties of President in Presidents absence
  • Acting as liaison between the Association and staff
  • Assisting in duties of President as requested or needed
  • Maintain calendar coordination with school office
  1. Secretary
  • Recording minutes of all meetings and distributing to faculty/staff/parents when applicable
  • Working with Association President and Hawk editor to publish H & S communications
  • Assist in handling all correspondence from Association to members (letters, flyers, etc.)
  1. Treasurer
  • Managing all monetary issues of H&S, including tracking fundraising income and expenses, tracking improvement expenditures, collection yearly H & S dues, etc.
  • Responsible for keeping an accurate account of all monies
  • Making disbursements only as directed by the Officers and signed by the President, Principal and/or Pastor.
  • Providing a YTD financial report at monthly H & S Officer meetings
  • Issuing the Year End financial report to the Archdiocese of Detroit
  1. Events Coordinator
  • Working with Association President to plan annual events and reserve areas for the year, usually done in May for the upcoming year.
  • Securing chair people for events
  • Acting as liaison between H&S and H&S event chair people
  • Working with the event chair person(s) to ensure that the event has everything necessary (dates, room, supplies, volunteers, etc.) to be successful
  • Ensuring the event chair person(s) adhere to the guidelines and policies when utilizing St. Thecla facilities and possessions
  • Providing event progress report on upcoming event at monthly Officers meetings


The term of the officers will commence at the beginning of the Association’s fiscal year (July 1)

And will continue for two years.  The President and Secretary are elected in alternate years from the Vice President, Treasurer, and Events Coordinator.


Nominations will be requested for Officers of the board and published in all communications for a minimum of 2 weeks and include a deadline for the submittals.  All nominations must be submitted in written or electronic format and sent to designated school staff member.  Written ballot will be sent out either via email or hard copy.  One ballot per family is allowed/counted.  Family name of voter must be included on the ballot for it to be counted.  The school administration may or may not require a minimum amount of attendance at general meetings to qualify for voting.  The election should take place in April of the school year, with May starting the new tenure of the new board.

General Meetings

General Meeting of the Association shall be held in the months of September – May and can only be scheduled with approval of the Parish office for calendar purposes.  Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the H & S executive board, but only with approval the of the school administration and the parish calendar.


Changes of these bylaws/operating policies may only be done by a request of on behalf of a majority Home and School board and with written approval from both the Principal and the Pastor of St. Thecla.

Homeschool Bylaws