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We remind everyone that our staff is working diligently during this crisis and ask for everyone to keep patient and calm during this situation. Emails regarding the virus, safety protocols, or general handling should be directed to  All decisions are being made by our leadership team and not any one person individually so directing all emails to the is the best way to communicate. As always, anything that frightens us will also frighten our children, at times like this, it is most important to remind our families to turn to the Lord during crisis. Our children will see our examples and our actions and that is how they will learn. Use this time to lead your children to the power of prayer.

 “Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you.” Peter 5:7

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COVID 19- Resources for School

Parent toolkit:

COVID Case Reporting
Week of Number of students confirmed or presumed positive Cumulative number positive cases for yearExposure Occurrence if known
Prior to 12/202112
1/2/22315Non-school related
1/9/22419Non-school related
1/17/22221Non-school related