Visitor Information/Health Form

As much as we appreciate all of our volunteers and support that our families have offered in the past, during this pandemic, we must limit who is in the building at all times.   We will greatly miss how many of our friends we would see throughout the day, helping us in so many ways, but this is what must be done for our children.  ALL VOLUNTEERS must be pre-scheduled and approved for their arrival.  All volunteers must fill out the health form prior to their arrival.  All volunteers must report through the main office and are expected to go directly to their scheduled location ONLY.  If for any reason, you need to be in another area of the building, you must notify the office.  While we understand that this policy is far from our normal warm and welcoming environment, we hope that everyone knows that we must enforce this policy to keep our students safe and as we change phases in our state we will adjust accordingly.

St. Thecla Visitor Health Form