John and Barb Corey- Preschool Parents 

Katie Genaw-Parent of Kindergartner and Second Grader

We started our journey at St. Thecla in 3 year old preschool in September of 2012 and four and a half years later, there is no place else that we would rather send our boys! The relationships that we have built with parents and students is something that you can’t get just anywhere. We are so pleased with how comfortable our boys feel at St. Thecla. Our almost 2 year old spends a lot of time at the school and he loves to walk around and is known and adored by the majority of the students and staff! It is amazing to watch the growth of our children from little boys into little gentlemen – the respect and manners that the students have for parents, facility and each other is commendable. We are truly blessed to have our boys in such a positive and loving environment!

Leo Melise-Parent of Fifth grader

My name is Leo Melise and our daughter is in 5th grade. She has gone to St. Thecla since 3 yr. old pre-school. My daughter loves going to St. Thecla and the atmosphere at the school is a family atmosphere. The parents are involved in the school and makes it very enjoyable and you watch your child and their friends grow .

Mike & Colleen Lueck-Parent of Eighth-Grader

Reflecting back on 14 years with children at St. Thecla Catholic School we can honestly say the investment has more than paid for itself.  St. Thecla provided a safe haven for our children while they were learning good study habits, and developing their social skills within a spiritual environment.  They were able to develop friendships that continue well beyond their time at St. Thecla even though many of their St. Thecla friends attended different high schools.  Moreover, it is reassuring as parents to know that your children are in a Christian environment building a foundation based on faith and good citizenship.

St. Thecla prepared our daughters to achieve academic success at Regina High School and beyond. Our son, who plans to attend De La Salle High School, has been challenged academically and is also prepared for academic success in high school.

Providing a Catholic education for our children has required us to sacrifice financially and otherwise.  But those sacrifices allowed our children to have positive experiences that are not available to their public school counterparts.  The unique experiences and the quality education St. Thecla School has provided to our children are the rewards of our sacrifices.  We believe the value of these rewards is far greater than the cost of our children’s education.  The study habits and the commitment to excellence our children developed at St. Thecla School has prepared them for their higher education and for success the rest of their lives.