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Miss Pryor

Miss Pryor

Eighth Grade Teacher

586-791-2170 x100 pryorc@stthecla.com

Welcome to St. Thecla Catholic School!  This school is the answer to your prayers!

May God bless each of you with a blessed, safe, healthy, and happy school year!  My prayers are with you!

May our Blessed Mother continue to intercede for all of us, and may Saint Thecla continue to pray for us!

Be Assured that During This Difficult Time, All of You Are in My Prayers.  I Trust that Our Lord and Blessed Mother Will Lead Us Through This Time with Strength, Comfort, and Safety.  May God Bless All of You!

Parents, thank you so much for supporting Catholic education. I admire your many sacrifices, generosity, and dedication.  I hope that the following information is helpful and beneficial.

Please Bring Any Nonperishable Food Items to My Classroom Throughout the School Year.  the Food Is Given to Our Very Own Food Pantry Which Feeds Families on A Weekly Basis.  Thank You & God Bless You for Your Continued Generosity!

Our School Offers the Best in Nurturing the Catholic Faith of Our Students, in  Enriching Their Hearts,  Minds, and Souls, and In Providing Excellent Academics Based on Catholic Teachings and Jesus Christ.
  • Overview of the Curriculum and Procedures of My Classes

I teach the following subjects:

  • 7th and 8th grade English
  •  7th and 8th grade Literature
  • 8th grade Religion

My Daily Academic Procedures include the following:

  • Journal writing in response to writing prompts in all of my classes
  • Daily Prayer
  • Daily Language Practice occurs in my English classes:  Students revise & edit sentences along with paragraphs.
  • Students often revise and edit writing on the SMART Board.
  • At times, the WORD OF THE DAY is introduced in my English classes, and that word is used properly throughout the week in both speaking and writing.
  • Homework is usually checked the day after it is assigned.
  • Notes are given in all of my classes, and students are required to keep these notes in their notebooks/binders throughout the entire school year.
  • Students are notified in advance about their upcoming tests and quizzes.  They are required to write STUDY CARDS and often to write and take their own practice tests.
  • All homework assignments that are not done on sheets provided to the students, must be done neatly on loose leaf paper.  When cursive is a must, students will be told.
  • All assignments and important notices must be written in the Student Agendas [also known as Assignment Notebooks].

In religion, the Bible is used often; a decade of the Rosary is prayed daily.

Key Concepts in the Subjects

7th and 8th English:  all major parts of speech; rules of capitalization and punctuation; vocabulary; how to compose and write coherent sentences and paragraphs that lead to well- written essays; how to communicate well with proper English skills.

8th English:  In addition to the list above, students learn all the parts of speech; the research paper.

7th and 8th Literature:  all literary terms; the short story, poetry, informational articles, nonfiction literary pieces, and the novel; model and teach how to analyze literary pieces, write informational notes to enhance comprehension, and coherently restate and respond to comprehension questions of all levels.

Novels read, analyzed, & studied in Eighth Grade:  The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton; To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Novels read, analyzed, & studied in Seventh Grade:  Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Michaelson;  Irena’s Children by Tilar J. Mazzeo

8th Religion:    the study of the life of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother, the Apostles, and many saints; the study of the seven sacraments with special emphasis on Confirmation; morality; Works of Mercy; the Beatitudes: the teachings of the Catholic Church and Faith; prayers; the Rosary…

Specific Classroom Procedures:  Please refer to the student handouts and the parent handouts given the first week of school.

Grades and Grading Scale
  • Homework & classroom assignments = 20% of the student’s final grade
  • Quizzes and lengthy homework assignments including projects = 30% of the student’s grade
  • Tests=50% of the student’s final grade
  • Some writing assignments such as the Research Paper and other group projects depending upon the duration & difficulty may be worth 50% of the student’s grade.
  • 100 – 93%   A
  • 92 – 83%     B
  • 82 – 72%     C
  • 71 – 60%     D
  • 59 – 0%       F
Homework Policy

Late work is frowned upon, yet still must be completed.  Students, at times, will be given lunch detentions to complete late work.  They will remain with me during lunch to complete these assignments if needed.  They have been instructed to fill out specific forms and where to place their late assignments.

Absent Work:  Students will be given sufficient time to complete their absent work. They have been instructed and shown where to place their work.

Technology:  I use the SMART Board every day, and students have many opportunities to revise and edit both sentences & paragraphs from the SMART Board.  I present Power Points, notes, graphics, journal prompts, and learning concepts along with objectives on the SMART Board.  Chrome books are implemented when doing research and practice exercises in grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

Assessments:  Quizzes and tests are given in all of my classes.  Test/quiz dates are announced to the students in advance unless a Pop Quiz is being given.  Homework, daily work in class, projects, notes, and effort are also forms of assessments that I use in all of my classes.

Discipline/Behavior Policy:  Please refer to the rubrics distributed at the beginning of the school year as well as the handouts given the first weeks of school.  Please also refer to our School Handbook for specifics on the Dress Code, Code of Conduct…

Classroom Rules

  1. Be respectful to all people, including yourselves.
  2. Treat others as Jesus would treat them.
  3. Be prepared with homework, supplies, and textbooks each day.
  4. Always display your best manners.
  5. Care enough to do your best!
  6. Extend kindness and consideration to everyone.

The following list highlights some of the opportunities I offer as well as the extracurricular activities that I moderate:

  • Forensics [I moderate and coach both the 5th/6th team and the 7th/8th team.]
  • Student Committee and Student Council
  • High School Placement Test Workshop in October
  • Halloween Carnival for the school [Grades K – 8]
  • Halloween Raffle that benefits St. Thecla Catholic School Scholarship Fund
  • Veterans Mass in November
  • Food and Clothing Drive [throughout the school year]
  • Thanksgiving baskets
  • Christmas Toy Drive
  • Carnation Sale for the St. Thecla Catholic School Scholarship Fund
  • School Play in May that benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the St. Thecla Catholic School Scholarship Fund
Room 8-22 Specials Schedule for 2020 – 2021
  • Mondays:  Music; Spanish
  • Tuesdays:  Gym
  • Wednesdays:  Study Skills
  • Thursdays:  Art
  • Fridays:  Technology; Spanish

Again, I thank you, parents, for your support and consideration.  Students, you are important to me, and with hard work, positive attitudes, daily prayer, and concern for each other, we will have a Wonderful school year!  Many blessings to all of you!

Feel free to contact me at pryorc@stthecla.com should you have any questions or concerns, or you may contact the School Office at [586] 791 – 2170, and the message will be forwarded to me.  I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.  Thank You & God Bless You!    Miss Pryor

To view my lesson plans, please click on the link below.  Thank you!