School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is a consulting body comprised of teachers and school parents/guardians. Collectively, SAC members collaborate with the Pastor, Principal and the entire school staff. Its purpose is to recommend, develop, as well as maintain programs and polices according to directives set forth by the Archdiocese of Detroit. It provides parent/guardians an opportunity to participate in the formation, education and spiritual direction of the children of St. Thecla School. This collective body sets goals and achieves objectives, which promote positive growth of mind, body and spirit to everyone it reaches.

This committee believes in and follows an established chain of command. Included are Students, Parents/Guardians, SAC, Teachers, Principal, Pastor and the Archdioceses, all of which are treated with respect. All committee members abide by St. Thecla’s School Philosophy, as well as the Mission Statements of both our school and parish families.

As a consulting body, SAC evaluates issues and needs brought forth. These are prioritized then addressed in a timely and professional manner. An appropriate action plan is established and implemented for each.

Questions, suggestions and concerns to be addressed by SAC need to be submitted in writing or via electronic communication. They will be discussed and a reasonable response given through one of our communication vehicles. This is done to maintain the structure, as well as the integrity of the committee and its purpose.

The School Advisory Committee influences or is responsible for a wide range of parent committees. Some report too and others coordinate with SAC to establish and achieve goals. Each is an integral part of our St. Thecla Family. As a whole, our objective is to achieve the proper balance needed to collectively progress forward in a positive direction, through hard work, commitment, honesty, patience, integrity and mutual respect. Our faith in God and each other will guide us.

The structure of the School Advisory Committee is as follows:
Pastor: Enacts policy.
Principal: Works in conjunction with SAC to implement approved policies and programs.
General Members (8): Elected by school parents/guardians (6) or appointed by the Pastor (2). From these two co-chairpersons (current president and President elect) are selected. The current president is responsible for setting agendas and leading meetings.
Home and School Officer (1): Elected by school parents/guardians thru Home and School’s election process.

The term for an elected official is two years. A commitment to active participation for a complete term is required. Members may serve multiple terms through re-election or by appointment. Elections for new members will be held each year in May. Outgoing members will be seated until the end of the school year. Incoming members will be introduced after the election results are final and will assume their position at the beginning of the following school year.

Committee meetings are held monthly throughout the school year. An agenda is created for each, with specific topics and objectives. These are prioritized and the proper attention is given to each. All are followed through to completion. Representatives from other committees or sub committees to SAC attend these meetings and provide monthly reports on their activities. These committees are as follows:

Home and School

School Health Team