August 15, 2017

Welcome back Hawks and a big hello to our new Hawks! Welcome to our school family. I want to thank Fr. Brian, Mrs. Maloney, the teachers, and parents who have made me feel very welcome here at St. Thecla. I can tell this is a wonderful place where Christ is present, and I am looking forward to getting to know the students, faculty, staff, and families as we go through the 2017-2018 school year together.

August is always a great time of summer fun and transition. We begin the transition of the end of summer to the fall. We begin the time of a new school year. Each new year brings new opportunities, friendship, and time for prayer and reflection. Take time in the busy end of summer to thank the Lord for all of the gifts that we have.

There will be a deluge of forms that need to be filled out and returned with your child. Please fill out all the forms and return them to the school by September 5th.

Another important item is Protecting God’s Children. This course MUST be taken before any adult can volunteer in the school. All new families are being pre-registered for the class here at St. Thecla. This class will be held on August 26th at 9:00. If you have already attend a Protecting God’s Children Workshop please disregard.

Presently our homeroom teachers are:

PK3: (Teacher) Lisa Grout, (aide) Merideth Croxon

PK4: (Teacher) Krystal Padilla; (aide) Shannon Harvey; (Teacher) Becky Burtwell; (aide) Marga Hale

Kdg: Jessica Mullins                                        Assistant Kdg. Teacher: Beatriz Gabriel

1st: Stephanie Tye                                            2nd: Don Kaplin

3rd: Suzanne Asman                                        4th: Erin Callis and Cindy Najdovski

5th: Martha Karwowski                                   6th: Samantha Asman and Tracy Alongi

7th: Kim Karam                                                   8th: Cindy Pryor and Ann Kramer

The Ice Cream Social will be on Saturday, August 26th following the 4:00 Mass. Please join us for Mass and then stay for the social. We will be having a new parent breakfast on Monday, August 28th at 9:00 A.M in the Media Center. All new parents to St. Thecla are warmly invited to attend.

The first day of school will be on Tuesday, August 29th. School starts at 8:25. The first bell rings at 8:15, and dismissal on the first day will be at 12:15. Wednesday and Thursday are full days of school with dismissal at 3:50. There will be no school on Friday, September 1st and Monday, September 4th. School resumes on Tuesday, September 5th.

Meet the Teacher Night is scheduled for Tuesday, August 29th at 7:00. We will begin in the Church.

Kindergarten will begin on Wednesday, August 30th for students with last names starting with A-L. Dismissal will be at 11:30. Thursday, August 31st will be for kindergarten students with last names starting with M-Z. Dismissal will be at 11:30. September 5th will be a full day for all kindergarten students.

The first day for preschool is September 5th. I have attached a tentative school calendar to this letter.

I am looking forward to a great school year here at St. Thecla! I am looking forward to continuing getting to know all of the families as the year goes on.

Here’s to a fantastic school year!


Geoffrey Fisher, M.Ed.