Mrs. Asman Third Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Asman’s Class!  Third Grade Rocks!

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Mrs. Asman’s Planbook

Scholastic Book Club:


All Scholastic book orders were passed out last week. 


Your children were phenomenal at the Christmas show.  Thank you for letting them stay until the end.  The grand finale always makes me tear up.  I love that 3rd grade is a part of it.  Plus, I can tell you, none of your children were sleepy the next day – they were balls of energy.


On Wednesday we will decorate gingerbread houses after mass.  I would guess at 9:45ish.  If you would like to help please come.  We should be done before lunch at 11:25.  Thank you for sending in the $2.00 for supplies – I appreciate it!


This week we will begin the reading and spelling unit.  The following spelling words and vocabulary words will be tested on the week we return back to school after Christmas break.


Vocabulary words for the quiz on January 3rd


Spelling words for the test on January 4th


Our tests this week are a math test on Tuesday and an English test on Wednesday.


Secret Question – Please solve the math problems.

  1.  10 x 12
  2. 2 x 90 =
  3. 5 x 70 =
  4. 30 x 10 =
  5. 500 x 900 =



Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!!

Mrs.  Asman