Mrs. Patricia Marchetti Response to Intervention RTI

RtI is an integrated, multi-tiered system of instruction, assessment, and intervention designed to meet the achievement, and behavioral needs of all learners.

Levels of intervention will be used to meet the learning needs of all learners. Level/Tier 1 is the research-based core curriculum and classroom interventions that will be available to all learners ….Level/Tier 2 are targeted group interventions…learners will receive in addition to the continuation of Level/Tier1. Level/Tier 3…learners…receive intense individual interventions while continuing to receive Level/Tier 1 instruction.

Michigan Department of Education (2011)

St. Thecla Catholic School is dedicated to meeting all learners where they are at and helping them grow. In the classroom, teachers provide lessons designed to achieve success. Some individuals or small groups of students may require additional reinforcement of core concepts. Here is where our RtI program comes into play.

Teachers identify possible candidates for this free program that is presented during the school day. Once parent permission is documented, students are released from class to the RtI room. Great care is taken so that students do not miss “special” classes like gym or computers.

The RtI room is geared toward focused instruction in math and reading. There are individual study carrels, small group tables and even traditional desks. Cabinets are stocked with math manipulatives (counters, base10 blocks) and letter/word games. The goal is to create an environment where students, from Kindergarten through sixth grade, can experience the same material from class – presented in a targeted and perhaps novel way. Students from grades seven and eight come to the RtI room during their study hall to make a more concentrated and efficient use of that time. Students with special needs or accommodations are also seen in RtI.

The RtI teacher carries a current Michigan teaching certificate. She has classroom experience teaching Math (6 years) and Language Arts (14 years). With Special Education endorsements to teach physically and cognitively impaired students, she is also certified to teach all subjects, K-8.

Hello I am Patricia Marchetti, Response to Intervention RTI Teacher.

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