Third Grade – Mrs. Asman

Welcome to Mrs. Asman’s Class!  Third Grade Rocks!

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Mrs. Asman’s Plan Book


We had some great speeches today for our classroom representative.  Henry is our representative this year and the second is Charlotte.  Congratulations!  All students who gave a speech will get a little something from me for their bravery.  Look for it on your desk Monday morning!


We have our first full week this week – we can do it!  Picture day on Monday! This is a dress up day.  Gym will be in the classroom with a health lesson.

Thank you for the scholastic book orders, if you haven’t ordered yet and would like to please order by September 29th.  I will put the order in on September 30th and the books should arrive at the beginning of October.  The students are so excited when their new books come in.  If you ever order books as a surprise, just let me know, and I will leave them at the office for you.  Thank you!


Our tests or quizzes this week:

Thursday: Reading Quiz

Friday: Spelling test and a religion test over chapter 3


Reading vocabulary words for quiz on Thursday, September 30th:

Spelling test will be Friday, October 1st:


Secret Question:  Answer this question on a piece of paper and secretly give it to your teacher.  You will earn a pencil or piece of candy if you get it correct.

  1. 984 + 362 =
  2. 157 + 82 =
  3. 823 + 200 =
  4. 496 + 254 =
  5. 756 + 198 =


Please email me if you have any questions,

Mrs. Asman



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