Iowa Scores 2016/High School Placement Tests


We are proud of how our students progress through their years at St. Thecla Catholic School. Here is a chart of their progress. This is their composite (average) of all their subjects.

This is the same class through the last five years that we have given the Iowa Assessments Form E.

You can see that the longer students are at St. Thecla, the greater their achievement!

Iowa 2016

All students that take the IOWA test are given a Grade Level Equivalency rank. This two-digit code references grade level and month. For example in Grade 3, 3.7 indicates what a typical student is expected to score during the 7th month of Third Grade. This chart shows the test score averages of Grades 1-8 in subjects as well as composites (averages).

Iowa 2016 GE

Our students do well on the High School Placement Test.  Seventy percent of our students took this test.  Fifty percent scored in the 70th percentile or higher.