We are proud of all the many opportunities available for our students to worship, serve, and inspire!

Each school day begins and ends with prayer. Students pray before eating. Classroom prayer services are also a part of the students’ spiritual life. Students, faculty, and staff attend Mass on Fridays, holidays, and feast days, and attend other prayer services throughout the year. Reconciliation is done throughout the year, typically before Christmas, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and Easter. As a school, we pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy before the school-wide Friday Mass. Students are asked to participate in special Prayer Services throughout the school year. They sort food for the Thanksgiving baskets and then stock the baskets. Also, they are asked to make cards of Sympathy, Thinking of You, and Get Well for our school community and beyond.

The 8th grade attends an offsite Confirmation Retreat as prepared by Faith Formation. The upper grades attend Vocation Awareness at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary. They also have tours, talks, and Mass at the seminary. In addition, the 8th grade visits the Father Solanus Guild at St. Bonaventure in Detroit. The students attend a Holy Mass just for them, followed by the praying of the rosary and a tour of the place.

Parents are highly encouraged to share in all the adult Faith Formation meetings and programs especially sacramental preparation classes offered by the St. Thecla Faith Formation Office.

Retreat Opportunities- Retreats are held throughout the year especially for sacramental students.

Service Hours/Requirements- Eighth graders must fulfill 20 service hours in preparation for Confirmation.

Lent: During Lent students attend Stations of the Cross on Fridays. The Eighth Grade conducts this service.


Catholic social teaching emerges from the truth of what God has revealed to us about himself. We believe in the triune God whose very nature is communal and social. God the Father sends his only Son Jesus Christ and shares the Holy Spirit as his gift of love. God reveals himself to us as one who is not alone, but rather as one who is relational, one who is Trinity. Therefore, we who are made in God’s image share this communal, social nature. We are called to reach out and to build relationships of love and justice.

Student Service Opportunities that are encouraged for the Eighth Grade:

• Sort food items in the Food Pantry.
• Sort food items for the Thanksgiving Baskets and help to put the baskets together. [We put together over 60 baskets this past school year.]
• Write “Thinking of You” “Praying for You” letters and cards during their lunch time to parishioners and/or school members.
• Serve as lectors, musicians, gift carriers, altar servers, and hosts/hostesses during and after the Veterans Mass in November.
• Help to sort donated toys and gifts given at Christmas.
• Trace and cut paper hearts for carnations for Valentine’s Day during lunch and at home.
• Tag Valentine Carnations after school.
• Serve as Forensics Guides for the 5th/6th Forensics Competition when St. Thecla is hosting this. This occurs for four to five hours on a Saturday.
• Help with the setup and take down of the Mom to Mom Sale and our Open House.
• Help with the setup and take down of the Forensics Competition.
• Be a part of the Stage and Set Crew for the Spring Play.
• Help with the clean up after the Spring Play.