Vendor Information Agreement

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St. Thecla Festival – Vendor / Crafter Agreement

General information, procedures, rates and conditions

  1. This agreement is for a 8 x 10 space at the St. Thecla festival September 18 and 19, 2021.
  2. Applications will be accepted on a first come/first served basis. Every effort will be made to avoid duplicate products or services, or space them apart in the tent.
  3. Waiting list – Applicants that are placed on the waiting list are placed in order. If an exhibitor cancels, the committee refers to the list to replace them.
  4. Fee is $75 for the duration of the festival,. If your application is accepted, you must return the signed agreement and $75 payment to St. Thecla within 10 days. If payment is not received timely, your spot will be reassigned to a vendor on the waiting list.
  5. No commission taken on sales. All exhibitors are responsible for their own 6% Michigan sales tax.
  6. This is a rain or shine event. Refunds will be given only if cancellations are made greater than 10 days before the festival AND your table can be resold.
  7. Vendor Set-up may begin as early as 3 p.m. on Friday, or on Saturday morning and must be completed before 1 pm Saturday. Overnight security will be present on both Friday and Saturday nights
  8. No commission taken on sales. All vendors are responsible for their own 6% Michigan sales tax.
  9. The committee reserves the right to decline applicants whose products or services are not consistent with a family centric event.This is a parish venue, please be respectful. Booths selling unapproved or inappropriate items will be asked to remove the items or leave and will forfeit all paid fees.
  10. No sales of products, distribution of information or any other vendor activity shall occur outside of the assigned vendor booth space. Amplified sound is not permitted to extend outside the assigned space. Vendors must respect other vendors and shall not be disruptive to neighboring booths/vendors or festival guests. The Festival Committee reserves the right to remove vendors causing disruption to others without refund of paid fees.
  11. Vendors agree to be responsible for the clean-up of their booth area at the end of each festival day.
  12. Thecla Catholic Church and the Festival Committee, volunteers, and contractors assume no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever. Vendor shall save, defend, and hold harmless St. Thecla Catholic Church, the Festival Committee, and volunteers from any damages or claims arising from Vendor’s activities under this agreement.
  13. Pets are not allowed. The only exception are service animals.
  14. Payment – checks payable to St. Thecla are due within 10 days of your application acceptance. Any returned checks are subject to a $30 NSF fee, and in order to retain your table reservation you must pay in cash or money order the $30 fee plus the cost of your reservation within 3 days of the NSF notification.

I have read and understand and will abide with St. Thecla general information, procedures, rates and conditions. I understand that violation may result in expulsion from event. I agree not to sell any resale items. In signing below, I agree to exhibit/sell new craft or vendor items and/or services listed above

I have read and understand the above general information, procedures and conditions

Liability waiver – I hereby waive and release St. Thecla Parish, Festival and representatives from all liability including theft, loss or damage to all displays/merchandise, including vehicles, trailers, storage units, any other business or personal property and personal injury.  As an exhibitor I agree to assume all responsibility for my own merchandise.


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