Mrs. Asman Third Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Asman’s Class!  Third Grade Rocks!

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Dear Parents and Students,


We had a great week. It is incredible to think, but in less than 2 weeks your children will be 4th graders.  I can’t even express how much I have enjoyed having them this year.  They are truly great kids.


This week we will be taking the last Michigan History test on Tuesday, the last religion test on Wednesday, the last reading quiz and spelling test on Thursday.  We will be off Friday and Monday for the Memorial Day holiday.


Our Tuesday folders will go home Wednesday because I have had a very busy weekend creating a special 3rd grade memory gift for each of your children, so I did not have time to correct papers.  Many tests are corrected, but not all of them.


Music Program at 2:00 on Thursday.


Dexter the Tough comprehension questions for chapters 16-20 are due Tuesday 5/29/18.


Vocabulary practice for this week –
Spelling  test on Friday –


Please note – all in-class assignments are due the next day unless the student is told differently.


Secret Question:  What is your best memory of 3rd grade?


God Bless,

Mrs. Asman