Mrs. Asman Third Grade

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Dear Parents and Students,


I hope you had a wonderful long weekend!  Remember your recorder on Wednesday when we return to school.


We have a $1.00 Jean day Wednesday.  The donation will be going to an alumni of St. Thecla.  He was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 28.  It is a very aggressive form of Leukemia, and he is unable to work.  Thankfully his job will be there when he recovers. The prognosis is good, but he will be hospitalized for months as he fights this disease.  Thank you for anything you can donate.


This week we will have a Religion Test on Friday.  Our Spelling  Test and Reading Quiz will be on Monday (2-26-18)


We began our Literature Circles on Friday.  Each week we will be reading 3 or 4 chapters in Charlotte’s Web and answering comprehension questions, which will be due the next week. The first job (students only complete page one in the literature circle packet this week) and comprehensive worksheet will not be due until Friday, March 2nd.  This means the students will have two weeks to complete their work and read the 4 chapters. The students will also have a specific job to complete for their group.  There are 5 different jobs and each student will have a different job for the next 5 weeks.  At the end of this Unit we will watch the movie and compare and contrast the book and the movie.  We will primarily be working on this Wednesdays and Fridays.  Most students will complete these assignments in school.  However, if they are not done, it will become homework on Thursday, March 1st.  Both assignments are due Friday, March 2nd.


Spelling words for this week – Test on Monday:

Vocabulary words this week – Quiz on Monday:


We have finished our testing for multiplication in the math book.  All students should have their facts memorized.  We will be learning fractions in our next chapter.  The students will learn about equivalent fractions.  It is important that they know their multiplication facts to understand equivalent fractions.


Please note – all in-class assignments are due the next day unless the student is told differently.



SECRET QUESTION –  Use at least 3 sentences to tell me what you did over winter break.  You must use descriptive words.  Please underline all adjectives and adverbs.



God Bless,

Mrs. Asman