Mrs. Asman Third Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Asman’s Class!  Third Grade Rocks!

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Dear Parents and Students,


We have a half day on Friday this week.  Dismissal is at 12:15 on Friday, October 20th.


  The Halloween Party note will go home in the Tuesday Folder.  I will be asking for donations toward our Halloween party.  If nothing is marked on the note your child is not asked to bring anything, but will be asked for our next party.  All students are welcome to bring in treats for their friends, if you wish.  On October 31st your child should come dressed in their Halloween costume.  They may not wear make-up or carry any weapons.  It will be a fun day!  Also, dismissal is at 12:15 that day.


There is a $1.00 Jean day on Wednesday.


We have a 3rd grade Fire Department presentation on Tuesday at 10:00 and a Germ presentation on Thursday also at 10:00.  I’m sure we will learn a lot at both presentations.


Tuesday, we will have a religion test. We will have our Unit 1 reading test on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and a Social Studies Test (MI History) on Friday.


No spelling test this week.


Please note – all in-class assignments are due the next day unless the student is told differently.


I will usually have a secret question on my website each week.  Your child must write the answer on paper and give it to me secretly.  They cannot share the question or answer because it is a secret.  Plus, this is a way for me to know who is reading my website .



  1. 43 – 21 =
  2. 171 – 50 =
  3. 578 – 82 =
  4. 928 – 732 =


God Bless,

Mrs. Asman