Miss Maureen O’Rourke Computers and Spanish

Welcome to St. Thecla School!


Welcome back, students and families, for the 2017-2018 school year!

Feel free to contact me at orourkem@stthecla.com

*Check out my Symbaloo below for all of our Technology and Spanish online resources!*

Students grades 4-8 and I use Edmodo.com.
It is an online classroom through which students will
submit assignments, read reminders from me, and view resources.
They can access this website at home as well as at school.
Grades 3-8 use the educational software MobyMax.
Students in grades K-5 use Elementary Advantage,
and grades 6-8 also use the software Middle School Advantage.

Spanish K-5 consists of four important aspects:
Speaking, listening, reading and writing.
The students and I will spend time
on all four areas each week.
Grades K-2 use the textbook and workbook
“!Hola!”, and grades 3-5 use the textbook and workbook
“¿Qué tal?” from the series “¡Viva el Español!”

In Media, students grades K – 5 will be learning
about genres of literature, how to use
the Dewey decimal system, and writer’s purpose.
In Study Skills, students grades 6 – 8 will learn
how to be organized, time management,
essay writing, MLA formatting, and effective studying.