Ms. Karwoski Fifth Grade



Welcome to 5th Grade!


Monday- Gym, Library

Tuesday- Art, Spanish

Wednesday-SMART from Sept. to Feb 1st.

Thursday- Computers, Music

My plan book is updated weekly on Thursday. Do to daily circumstances beyond my control it may not always be accurate.

Please use your child’s assignment notebook for accurate daily assignments and upcoming tests.

I may be reached at

At the Beach

Challenge Words: emphasis, sophomore, athlete, phenomenal, chimpanzee

Hold the Flag High

Challenge Words: bailiffs, wharves, mosquitoes, armadillos, desperadoes

Basic words: staffs, ourselves, pants, scissors, loaves, volcanoes, chiefs, buffaloes, flamingos, beliefs, echoes, shelves, quizzes, sheriffs, dominoes, thieves, measles, avocados, chefs, pianos



Attached please find a link to the spelling words.