Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is the invaluable consultative body to the Pastor, whose purpose is to discern and articulate the mission and vision of St. Thecla Parish. The council does not manage Parish operations, nor does it dictate programs needs, but rather can be the means to achieving the full participation of the whole Parish in its mission by giving all a voice in supporting, guiding and directing the various aspects of Parish life. The Parish Pastoral Council also coordinates with its commissions and assists the Pastor in implementing the Parish goals and objectives flowing out of the Parish mission statements, providing a framework for Parish planning, within the structure of vicariate and diocesan priorities.

Since the Parish mission statement, goals and objectives affect all aspects of Parish life, all existing groups, organizations, societies, clubs, and committees within the Parish Community relate directly, or indirectly to the Parish Pastoral Council because it serves as the coordinating and unifying body of the Parish. The council is not to see itself as simply one more group with the Parish, responsible for carrying out only certain activities. The council’s  concern is always for the welfare of the whole parish. It is at the commission level that the council’s  decisions are worked out.  the overarching umbrella of all work done within the parish is evangelization,as it is through evangelization that the mission of the church is carried out.


Current Members of the Parish Pastoral Council


Chairperson/Vicariate Rep.      

Dave Stiteler                                             


Vice Chairperson/Sports Committee Rep.  

Dave Brady                                               



Diane Zontini                                          


Christine Bouwman                             

Connie Kansa                                         

Kathy Maurer                                          

Maureen McKernan                              

Ed Perkins                                                



Commission Representatives:


Religious Education      



Christian Service    

Judy McMahon                              




Bob Maurer                                


Parish Life  

Sandy Wirgau                                 


Home & School  

Shanon Rupkus                              


School Advisory Committee

Barbara Adragna                           



The Parish Pastoral Council meets monthly, or as necessary, during the months of September through May to discuss the needs of the parish. For further information on the Parish Council contact Dave Stiteler. For further information on being involved in the  commissions, contact the representative listed above.

All members of the St. Thecla parish community are invited to attend Parish Council Meetings. Please keep an eye on the calendar for date, time and location.